FAQ from Home Buyers

1Is It Necessary To Get Prequalified For A Mortgage?
It is not 100 percent necessary to become prequalified for a mortgage before you start shopping for a home, but it does give you many advantages. Prequalifying for a mortgage will:

• Lock in your interest rates for up to 30 days. Rates change daily, and you never know when the market will fluctuate and cause rates to rise. A small increase in rates can make a large difference in how much you will have to repay over time.

• Give you a guideline for prices on homes. You may be surprised that you can afford more home than you initially thought.

• Makes you a “serious” buyer. Many sellers are more willing to negotiate and drop prices for a buyer that already is approved for a mortgage. This guarantees a faster sale. Unqualified buyers make an offer, and then both sides must wait until the buyer is approved. In the event that the buyer is not approved, time and money are lost for both sides of the purchase.
2Should I Talk To A Financial Adviser Before Buying?
If you want to make sure that you can easily qualify for a mortgage, it may be in your best interest to consult a financial advisor. Discuss your current and future financial situations so that you can determine if it is the right time to purchase a home.

If you feel secure about your finances and your credit score, you may not need to talk to anyone before applying for a mortgage.
3Do I Need A Naperville Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home?
It will always be in your best interest to have a Naperville real estate agent represent you when you purchase a home. Your agent will have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you secure a great deal on a home that meets all of your needs. A real estate agent has a working knowledge of the real estate industry, and this will be beneficial when you make an offer on a home.

FAQ from Home Sellers

1Is This The Best Time To Sell My Home In Naperville?
The first question from every home seller is if it is the right time to sell their home. Everyone understands that the real estate market fluctuates and sometimes, it is considered a buyer’s market and other ties a seller’s market. Everyone hopes that when they sell their home that it is a seller’s market.

The truth is, if you are ready to sell your home, then it is the right time. An experienced real estate agent will help you stage and sell your home for the most money possible. Having your home staged, photographed and advertised correctly will allow it to sell and sell for a good price in any market.
2How Much Is My Home Worth?
Many people are shocked when they find out the value of their home. Either they are shocked that their home has increased so much in value since they purchased it, r they do not think that the value is high enough.

Many people think that because they just put a new roof on their home that the house is now worth that much more in value. The truth is, a home cannot be sold without a roof, so having a good roof is just a key selling point, it really does not increase the value. The same applies to many other areas of the home.

Your experienced real estate agent will be able to give you a fair price and value for your home based on area sales and values. If you believe that the price is still too low, it may be beneficial for you to wait a little while until home values increase again before selling.
3Is There Anything I Should Do Before Deciding To Sell My Home?
There are small things that you can do around your home that will make selling your home much easier. Small renovations to the home can make a large difference in how quickly a home sells for and at what price. Simple changes can make a room look fresher. New faucets or showerheads can improve a bathroom or kitchen area without large expense. LED lighting can make a home look brighter and cleaner.

However, you should not spend too much money on your renovations. The new buyers are going to come into the home and change it to their preferences anyways. Making sure the house is super clean is often all you need to make sure that it sells quickly.
4How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?
The national average at this time for selling a home is 100 days. This can vary greatly. If your real estate agent makes sure that the home is priced right and aggressively markets the property, the sale could take place much quicker. If the market is saturated at the time, it may take a little longer. If you need to move your home fast, your real estate agent may have suggestions to help you make this happen.

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