When you work with a qualified real estate agent like Ron Coluzzi, you bring to the process the experience necessary for a quick and profitable sale. After all, the experience is not costly – its priceless.


Pricing your home correctly is crucial to a successful sale. When you work with Naperville real estate agent Ron Coluzzi, you can feel the satisfaction of knowing that your home will be priced in a manner that will help it sell quickly while still providing a profit. Ron will look at the current market pricing for similar homes, add in any special amenities that your home may offer, and determine a reasonable price that will attract buyers.


Staging your home is all about making it attractive to potential buyers. Staging includes having your home photographed and making any necessary improvements to the home that will make it more attractive to buyers. Sometimes simple things like pressure washing the driveway or painting a room a lighter color can have a very positive impact on potential buyers.

Your home will be professionally photographed. These experienced real estate photographers know how to bring out the best features in your home. These photos are meant to create a desire for potential buyers to come and see the house in person. Good photos are essential for a good home sale.


Once the photos are ready, your real estate agent will list your property. This listing will be done locally as well as nationally. An experienced real estate agent knows that to sell a home effectively, you need as much exposure to the property as possible. Potential buyers should never be located to local buyers because it can significantly increase the amount of time it takes to secure a sale.

Your agent will also take full advantage of social media platforms to advertise your home for sale in Naperville. Social media has become one of the strongest forms of advertising for the real estate industry. Ron Coluzzi takes full advantage of the Internet to help promote your property.


Your real estate agent is a very skilled negotiator. When a potential buyer makes an offer on your home, your real estate agent can act on your behalf to negotiate the best price for the sale. Your agent will come to you with any offers that are given and make any suggestions that would be beneficial to the sale. Of course, once you have received an offer you are pleased with, your real estate agent will work with you through the closing process. Your agents’ job is not complete until your home is officially sold.


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